NEW:Inside our garden you will find a connector that can be used to charge your electric car!

Here at the EcoHotel Ariston we always follow the new market trends and love making our own contributions to eco-sustainable development. That’s the reason why we have installed an electric car charging station ( to be booked ).


Eco Hotel Ariston offers a new proposal of hospitality, to reach more protection of the enviroment and respect of the guests. For this reason, we use the most modern technologies for energy conservation and for a litter reduction.
We put a new photovoltaic system and solar panels on the roof to make electric energy and warming water. It is an important step towards our eco-sostenibility.
The new part of Eco Hotel Ariston has been completely built in bricks with a heat insulation of more than 14 cm deeper of natural fibre. Bulbes are low emissivity ones and 95% of the inner and external lighting is low-consumption. Now we are putting LED lights too. Every tap and shower has a filter to save water, in the garden we have one tank to collect rainwater.
All the paper we use is made of recycled paper. Clear instructions for our guests allow them to help us to safe water and detergent for washing towels and bed sheets.
Furniture is made by natural wood coming from certified FSC plantations. The ceramic tiles in the bathrooms are made by ACTIVE, a photocatalytic material with titanium dioxide, an antibacterial agent.
In the kitchen we use food in season and choose oragnic, biological and local products.
We do as much as possible to give you the chance to spend a wonderful dream holiday while respecting the nature.

Since 2009, Hotel Ariston is certified as “Ecological Hotel” by EcoWorldHotel and since 1999 the Chamber of Commerce of Verona recognize us as “Best Quality Hotel”. the Hotel is certificated “Ecolabel EU”. Since 2016 we are also part of “Garda Green Hospitality”.
Our loving taking care is also recognized by the Municipality of Malcesine, by the first Prize “Flowering Balconies”.

The ecologic & fengshui rooms
Staying in the Eco-Exclusive rooms is something special, particulary pleasant and natural.
First of all, you will be touched by a breathtaking view of the Scaliger Castle and the historical centre of Malcesine.

Furthermore other special features you will find in the Eco-Exclusive rooms:
They combine the airiness of the carefully designed environment with warm feeling of the natural bamboo parquet , walls in clay bricks, plaster based on lime, isolation by natural fibre, natural paints on the walls, ecological furniture all made with natural wood FSC certificated (Forest Stewardship Council) and treated only with natural products (vegetal oil and beeswax), to assure the maximum safety and no toxicity.
The beds are positioned in the right energy position, the special lighting creates a warm and relaxing feeling.
The rooms are fitted with devices for circuit breaking, which offer protection from electromagnetic fields, therefore ensuring a restful, pollution-free environment.
In the bathrooms: for a new environmentally active architecture the only floor and wall ceramics in the world anti-pollution and bactericidal certified ACTIVE.